People-centeredness, taking us closer to our customers.

We strive to bring our customer’s ideas to life in a friendly atmosphere and with maximum commitment, while focusing on our primary goal of keeping their hair healthy.

Sustainability, which, alongside environmental protection, means ensuring your hairstyle is easy to handle at home and retains its shape.

We were the first to cast our ballot for the brand Davines in Hungary. This family enterprise makes sure to protect biodiversity using multiple means from planting forests to using biodegradable plastics and natural raw materials.

Maximalism, which shows in high quality services we are known for.

Our weekly workshops motivate and inspire not only our students but our hairdressers as well.

Staying current, which is not the same thing as being trendy.

From the fast-changing trends we will always choose the “forever classic” style that draws attention with beautiful, natural colours and precisely implemented, light shapes. Our up-to-date nature is ensured by orders coming in from fashion magazines, fashion designers and advertising agencies.