Close is offering a place for practice and education for hairdresser students since 7 years. Participating in the daily business of an organized premium hardresser salon network is a great advantage for hairdresser students, as there are only few similar hairdresser salons present in Hungary. This is completed with weekly practical education where our conductors deal with students individually, on a step –by –step basis.


The years spent in a Close salon are considered a good reference for plans in Hungary or abroad. More important is the knowledge itself, the conscious haircut, that will enable anyone to pass an entrance exam. This matters mostl because of the pratical side of this profession – where the candidate is coming from, is only the icing on the cake.


The executives of the salons Close Buda and Close Pest started with us as students a few years ago – and thanks to their endurance and perfectionism, today they are professionals both in running the company and being a hairdresser. This is proving that development can only be limited by one’s self.


Now it is time again for some students to join our team. The daily schedule is depending on the students’ timetable, however participation is bound to the weelky working hours of 4-5x 6. During this time, the students have the task of assisting the hairdressers and the salon. In exchange for this assistance, the weelky education is provided on Wednesdays starting at 6 pm – these sessions often last for 4-5 hours. Thus, students do not pay money for the education – we help in exchange for help, and provide assistance in exchange for assistance.


Applications are expected to be submitted to or  by sending a resume with photo.


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